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Character of the Moment: Gabriel Saint Laorden

With Gabriel, there’s no room for an exclusive black or white: you may find yourself loving him, then hating him faster than you can say ‘TARDIS’. However, shortly afterwards, it all goes back to liking him… even if it is done in one’s own personal, weird way, because as hard as it is to be fond of Gabriel, it’s even harder to eternally hate him. He has this mysterious personality which makes him quite difficult to comprehend, but on the whole, you might want to watch your step. He’s definitely not one to be entirely trusted.


Couple of the Moment: The Meta and Rose Tyler


John and Rose Tyler, while still not technically married under Earth Law, have had a whirlwind of adventures that seem to be distracting them from that fact. First off, John was kidnapped by the Gallifreyan Celestial Intervention Agency. While this turned out to be a rather good thing as far as the universe is concerned, it also seemed to firmly cement the Metacrisis into his own person. Their recent and shared experience with the Bad Wolf (Bad Wolves?) has broght Gallifrey back from the darkness, without all the baggage. Restored to its pristine condition, the Time Lords have begrudginly given John and Rose a bit of a reprieve as a reward. That didn't stop John from cheating out from Romana the same deal that the Doctor has, though. With this as well as other somewhat minor things in the universe needing their attention, well for them anyway, they'll get around to actually saying their Earthly vows... but it's not like they need to. All the same, they like living and are more than a little worried about Jackie, who still doesn't know they're married.

Threads of the Moment: The Devil of Jersey & Fallen Star

The Devil of Jersey: John and Rose's TARDIS had the equivalent of a temporal blow out and were flung to Earth in 1950. While they let their ship rest and recouperate, they sampled the flavour of 1950's America. Of course, nothing was as it seemed. Shadowed by a young man who saw their ship change right in front of him, he has information about some kidnappings in the area. As always, there seemed to be something rather alien about all of that... Fallen Star: Centauri ran into a Gallifreyan Freighter that was under attack by the Sontarans. While sorting that mess out, he discovered that one of the passengers was one of the few remaining TARDIS tenders in existence. Since they tend TARDIS embryos, the girl Lysithea's safety is paramount...

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