The Doctor
Also known as Theta Sigma
John Smith
"The Raggedy Doctor"
The Oncoming Storm
Sir Doctor of TARDIS
The Supremo
Ka Faraq Gatri
Doctor Foreman
Gender Male
Age 907+
Species Time Lord
Planet of Origin Gallifrey
Home Era Rassilon Era
Occupation Traveller
Siblings Irving Braxiatel
The Meta-Crisis Doctor
Children Jenny
Other relatives Susan Foreman
Out of Character
Portrayed by William Hartnell
Richard Hurndall
Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee
Tom Baker
Peter Davison
Colin Baker
Sylvester McCoy
Paul McGann
Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant
Matt Smith
Played by Doctauri
The Doctor is a Time Lord, thought before to be the last of his kind. He travels throughout time and space, helping those in need. He currently travels with Clara Oswald.


Tenth DoctorEdit

Traveling with Rose TylerEdit

The life of the Tenth Doctor began in the year 199,909 when his Ninth self sealed his fate and absorbed the TARDIS' link to the Time Vortex from his then-companion Rose Tyler. Upon the completion of the regeneration the Tenth Doctor remarked on how weird new teeth felt and tried to convince Rose that they could still travel together - even offering to take her to Barcelona in the year 5006. However, the young woman was suffering from an emotional crisis and the Doctor - feeling guilty for not having prepared her for this - decided to take her home so her Mother and Mickey Smith could solve the problem.

Unfortunately for the Doctor his body was particularly unstable (his previous self having been unable to fully dispel the amount of vortex-energy inside his body) and he lost consciousness soon after reaching Earth in the year 2005. His synapses horribly damaged by the severity of the regenerative process his body begins to shut down as its unable to handle the strain of the vortex energy still inside the Doctor and the regenerative energies now coursing through him. Only managing to wake up for about ten minutes the Doctor saves Rose and her family but at the cost of accidentally stopping his second heart and gaining a high fever in the process of warning off a horde of Roboforms.

The main Sycorax attack force begins its invasion twelve hours later and - with the Doctor still in a coma - Rose and her friends try to get him to the TARDIS to keep the dying Timelord safe... unfortunately awakening the TARDISes internal functions enough to attract the attention of the Sycorax in the process. After Rose and her family are captured by the Sycorax a pitcher of Tea spills in the TARDIS and between the TARDISes natural healing abilities and the herbs in the tea the last of the vortex energy is expelled form the Doctor's body and his regeneration finally completes itself.

A fight ensues between the Doctor and the Sycorax leader that ends with this new Doctor revealing his ruthless nature when the leader refuses to honor his word and attempts to murder the victorious Time Lord. He goes on to show just how judgmental he can be when he passes sentence on Harriot Jones, condemns her and proceeds to change the future by removing her from power almost six years too early - destroying Britain's Golden Age in the process and paving the way for the Masters bid for power.

A few days later the Doctor receives a message from his old friend the Face of Boe on the psychic paper he always carries and proceeds to New Earth to find the old 'face' near death and wishing to pass on a secret he's long protected. When Rose comes 'face-to-face' with an old enemy of the Doctors in the basement of the New Earth hospital (name Cassandra) the Doctor is caught between Cassandra's bid for power and an army of diseased half-dead 'skin' that the Cats on that planet are exploiting for cures. When Cassandra attempts to use Rose's body as her new home - and then his as well - the Doctor nearly loses his temper again and is only stopped by the fact that Cassandra is inhabiting his friends body and he is unable to stop her without harming Rose in the process.

Using the cures that Cats have made the Doctor removes the diseases from the 'skin' and turns them into a whole new subspecies of human - capable of the healing the cats were seeking but no longer trapped inside the tubes they were born into. Finding the Face of Boe about to leave the Doctor tries to convince the face to share his secret but the old alien says that this isn't the right time after all and that they will have to wait. When the face leaves the Doctor orders Cassandra out of Rose's body but Cassandra is terrified that she will die... until her manservant chip offers himself up as a new host.

Crossing Cassandra's personal time line the Doctor allows her to see herself when she was still young and 'human' one last time. Inadvertently creating future Cassandra's fear of aging and death in the process when Cassandra's half-life clone body collapses in her past-self's arms and proceeds to die peacefully after trying to tell her past-self that she is beautiful.

Attempting to travel to the year 1979 the Doctor 'skips a decimal' and ends up in the year 1879... right in front of Queen Victoria's caravan. He and Rose proceed to locate and stop both an assassination attempt on Victoria's life and an attempted 'invasion' of the royal bloodline by a Lupine Waveform. However, they are banished by Victoria when the Doctor reveals how dangerous he is - terrifying Victoria into founding the Torchwood foundation which would follow the escapades of the various Doctor's that would visit Earth and even come to blows against the world-wide (rather than nation-wide) multi-governmental founded secret-society known as the Forge.

Receiving a call from Micky Smith the Doctor and Rose travel forward some hundred and fifty years to the year 2006 when Mickey Smith calls them up about strange goings-on at the local school. Finding a species known as the Krillitane exploiting the student-body as a giant imaginative calculator in an attempt to solve the Skasis Paradigm. The Doctor, Mickey, Rose and old companions Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 mk III proceed to stop the Krillitane and save the children. When K-9 mk III is destroyed in the process the Doctor wheel's out K-9 mk IV for Sarah Jane who proceeds to convince the Doctor to give Mickey a chance to travel with them.

Traveling to the 51st century the Doctor picks up a distress signal and - out of curiosity - follows it to a half-dead clockwork freighter floating in the middle of a nebula. The ship is giving off enough energy to blow a crater into the fabric of time itself (or several small holes as it turns out) the Doctor proceeds in an attempt to close the doors but ends up falling in love with the young Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson whom he encounters while attempting to close the doors. Finally closing the doors the Doctor inadvertently leaves one door open and convinces Jeanne to come with him in his travels - unfortunately he goes through the door before her and ends up stepping through to her future after she has died.

Unable to cross his own time line the Doctor is forced to leave. During flight Rose tries to cheer him up by regaling Mickey with stories of their adventures - the Doctor joins in, asking Mickey to hold a button down for him, and before long they forget Mickey is there - unintentionally blowing a hole in time and spiraling into an alternate universe by accident... at the advent of the creation of that universes version of the Cybermen. Discovering that her father is still alive in that universe Rose tries to save him and that universes version of her mother - only to loose her when she is turned into a Cyberman. The adventure ends after Mickey crashes the Cyber-network and removes the cybermen's emotional inhibitor and decides to stay on alternate-earth to find his own way.

The Doctor, hoping to cheer Rose up after the emotional trauma of seeing her mother's alternate self die and losing her father when he refuses to come with her, attempts to take her to see Elvis in the year 1953 - though fails to get the right spacial coordinates and ends up in London instead of New York. Rose, curious about the large number of television antennas equipped to the various houses, attempts to make contact with the man doing the installing of said antenna's but is inadvertently absorbed by the alien force controlling him. The Doctor, having found almost a hundred people in the same condition as the now faceless Rose, takes matters into his own hands and 'declares war' on the Wire.

Waiting until the broadcast of the coronation the Doctor tricks the Wire into fighting him while his friend Tommy uses the Doctor's improvised VCR to record the Wire's transmission and trap her on a beta-max cassette - returning Rose and the rest of the 'consumed' people their faces and minds. Deciding to stop 'planning' a trip for a change the Doctor throws the randomize switch on the console and ends up taking Rose and the TARDIS to Krop Tor - though the TARDIS has other ideas and (at first) refuses to land. Realizing that the TARDIS' natural defense systems were trying to keep them safe the Doctor says they should leave but - unable to resist - he and Rose start to explore the base.

Coming into contact with a slave race known as the Ood the two are then nearly arrested by the stations security force. Unfortunately they end up stranded on Krop Tor when the gravitational pull of the nearby black hole causes a cave-in and ends up 'sinking' the TARDIS into a chasm. Afraid that they're trapped there the Doctor refuses to accept the loss of his beloved ship and proceeds to investigate the core of the planet when half of the station population are wiped out by the 'power source' they come here to find. Once he reaches the bottom, he finds himself face-to-face with the physical manifestation of the Beast. The Beast had been terrorizing the explorers on the surface and possessing their servants, the Ood. The Doctor trapped the Beast by imprisoning it in the black hole and was joyfully reunited with Rose and the TARDIS.

After being summoned to earth to stop a Hoix that has been stalking a foundry the Doctor comes into contact with a boy named Elton and, after a rather odd chain of events involving an 'old friend' (namely L.I.N.D.A), the Doctor proceeds to save Elton and his beloved from the Abzorbaloff. A few weeeks later, attempting to take Rose to the Olympics in the year 2012, the Doctor ends up materializing the TARDIS between two storage containers - as if the coordinates were shifted during materialization. The source of the shift being a telepathic alien that has taken up residence inside a little girl who lives on that street.

After being absorbed into a picture and then similarly rescued from it by one Rose Tyler the Doctor proceeds to carry the 2012 Olympic torch to light the display in the arena. After the torch lighting the Doctor is reunited with Rose and proceeds to spend the evening eating cake and talking about their travels together - with Rose telling the Doctor that they'll always be together... the Doctor sensing the 'change' in the fields of reality as Torchwood attempts to open the void in Cardiff... commenting that he smells a change in the wind - refusing to reply to Roses question as they leave the celebration.

Unable to shake that feeling the Doctor returns to present-day London to find the entire population of the world being 'haunted' by what they believe to be ghosts... an army of ghosts. Realizing that these ghosts are imprints of something pushing its way through the void the Doctor follows the signal to Torchwood towers to find Torchwood 'pulling' these ghosts through the void with the ghost shift - draining power from the exchange and trying to harness it. The 'amount' of power growing every ghost ship as the hole in reality grows in size.

When Torchwood explains that a 'sphere' was what created the hole in reality the Doctor realizes that they have a fully operational Void-Ship sitting inside the tower - looking not so much a ship as a full 360 Dalek bump the Doctor proceeds to warn Torchwood to stop. While he's doing this though three computer technicians - who've been 'harvested' by the alternate Cybermen - reinstate the Ghost shift... at full power. With the hole in reality literally torn in half the rest of the ghosts - revealed to be Cybermen - rendezvous with the advanced scouts (who implanted control chips in the minds of the technicians) and declare war on Earth.

As the Cyberman invasion of Earth began, the Void Ship - sensing the ghost shift reaching full power and no longer a threat to the crew now soaked with Void-stuff - opened, revealing four Dalek's calling themselves the cult of Skaro. Nearly as infamous as the Doctor himself the Cult appears to be carrying a piece of Time Lord technology known as the Genesis Ark. Forcing Mickey Smith to unlock the Ark with the bio-print of a Time Traveler the Cult proceeds to release millions of thousands of Dalek prisoners who had been imprisoned by the Time Lords during the time war.

In order to save both dimensions from annihilation and defeat the Daleks and Cybermen, the Doctor decides to open the Void. This opening would suck anything covered in "Void stuff" into it - explaining why the Void Ship had remained shut until the Ghost Shift reached full transmission and the void shut itself again. Unfortunately the Doctor, Rose and the others were also covered in Void stuff. To protect them the Doctor sent Rose, against her will, to the parallel world, along with Mickey, Pete Tyler and her mother, where they all would be safe from the Void. However, Rose returned, refusing to leave the Doctor and knowing that in making her choice she would never see her family again.

Together, the Doctor and Rose opened the Void and the Daleks and Cybermen were sucked in. The plan initially went smoothly, until Rose's lever malfunctioned, threatening to halt the process. Rose managed to secure the lever but couldn't hold on and was almost sucked into the Void, much to the Doctor's terror and despair. Rose was saved at the last second by her parallel father who used his void-teleport to shield himself and her as he split through at the last second, grabbed her, and vanished back into his home dimension; separating his surrogate daughter from the Doctor.

The Doctor and Rose were able to meet one last time on Dålig Ulv Stranden in Norway; the Doctor had parked the TARDIS in orbit around a supernova for enough power to project an image through the last gap between the universes to say goodbye. The Doctor had fallen in love with Rose and vice versa, and although Rose was able to confirm her own love, The Doctor - initially unable to admit his feelings as he knew what it would mean for her - starts to reciprocate before the TARDIS loses the signal and the doors between dimensions slam shut forever.

Time AloneEdit

As the Doctor was about to leave the TARDIS suddenly surged with a blast of energy as something oppositely charged with the same energy was pulled through time and space into the TARDIS herself. The 'something' turning out to be one Donna Nobel. The Doctor eventually returned her to her wedding reception, after the intervention of a detachment of Roboforms (robotic mercenaries) prevented his returning her in time for her actual wedding. When a Robotic Christmas Tree began firing explosives at the wedding guests, the Doctor decided to investigate H.C. Clements.

The trail led them to a secret base under the Thames, where Donna's intended and the Empress of the Racnoss revealed their plans. Donna assisted the Doctor in defeating the Empress--and pulls him away from the Empress' death, an act that saved his life but, largely because of the Doctor's merciless treatment of the Racnoss (the last remnant of an enemy the Time Lords crushed in another Time War along with the Great Vampires) Donna decided not to travel with him and left after telling the Doctor to find someone.

Sometime after meeting Donna, the Doctor, travelling alone, landed on the Slough of the Disjointed Planets, an area of space populated by warlike races renowned for their brutal conflicts. There he encountered the dying War Keeper, the ancient controller of the population of the Disjointed Planets. In an attempt to find a worthy successor, the War Keeper scanned the Doctor's mind for the identity and location of the greatest leader of the cosmos, and choose Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. The old soldier, now retired and in his late 70s, found himself transported to the Slough to receive the position, but refused to accept the role. As an alternative, the War Keeper, using the Doctor's memories, choose as an alternative Mike Yates, but accidentally summoned to the Disointed Planets another, far less capable man with the same name.

Rivals of the dying War Keeper infiltrated his helpers before his death and passed onto the other Mike Yates the Keeper's control device: the Warkeeper's Crown. With the weak-minded wrong-Yates under control of the Crown, and with wrong-Yates in turn in control of the numerous forces of the Disjointed Planets, the deceased War Keeper's rivals planned to control the conflicts. The controlled wrong-Yates transported himself back to his home on Earth, along with many orcs, hawks, and other creatures. The Doctor and the Brigadier, with an army of Brigadier-clones the Doctor created with technology at the Slough, returned to the Earth to defeat the demon hordes and free the wrong-Yates from the Crown's control.

Adventures with Martha JonesEdit

With the danger passed, the Doctor and the Brigadier, still and ever the best of friends, re-lived their old glories, and said their good-byes, although the Brigadier expected to see his old friend once more. As the Doctor was leaving his TARDIS picked up an APB on a Judoon frequency that mention a local hospital - curious as to what the Mercenary Police of this galaxy would be doing 'visiting' such a place the Doctor decides to investigate. There he met one Martha Jones and proceeded to save the hospital when it was teleported to the moon by the Judoon forces. When Martha saved him from being mistaken for a Plasmevore by the Judoon the Doctor is inspired by her resourcefulness and offers her a trip in the TARDIS.

Afraid to make the same mistake of letting his emotions control him as he'd done with Rose and - in an earlier incarnation - Grace Holloway; the Doctor distances himself from Martha. Treating her more like an unwelcome guest than a friend. Deciding to use his old friend the Randomizer the Doctor ends up in Shakespearean London and proceeds - with Martha's help - to solve the mystery of Shakespeares lost play Love Labors Won with some help from an old friend; the poet himself. Though it being the first time they'd med from the perspective of Shakespeare (him having been too young to remember his encounter with the Doctor's Eighth self) the poet proved himself ever the genius and ended up trapping the Carrionites inside a globe.

Extending his Martha's trip to one in the past and one in the future he next lands on New Earth again (much to Martha's chagrin as it turned out the Doctor was taking her places he'd gone with Rose) only to discover that the once Utopian society has crumbled in the wake of a mass-currency-depression and drug-use. Upon helping the Face of Boe save the population and giving them a chance to rebuild the city the Doctor shares a discussion with the Face who - upon seeing Martha - realizes he can finally tell the Doctor his long-guarded secret before dying... that the Doctor is not alone.

Terrified by those words - and what they might mean - the Doctor distracts Martha's probing questions by taking her for a trip to New York on Earth in the middle of the Great Depression. Upon arriving though he is drug into a battle again his old enemies the Cult of Skaro. When their leader, Dalek Sec, attempts to convince his Dalek soldiers to change and forge a new world, the Daleks rebel against him and kill him - leading to the death of all but one cult member, Dalek Cann, who uses an emergency temporal shift to escape. Martha, having had her fill of the Doctor's treating her like a passenger, orders him to take her back home.

Arriving in modern day London the Doctor catches a news brief of a man called professor Lazarus and - upon seeing his experiment - decides to play Martha's date to the party held in Lazarus' honor in order to get close to the machine. Once there he realizes that Lazarus is tampering with long-dead genes that evolution had deactivated and - in the process - is turning himself into a blood-thirsty monster who must feed on the electrical energy inside humans to survive. Using a church organ and his sonic screwdriver the Doctor manages to kill Lazarus' monster but temporarily deafens himself in the process.

A few weeks later the Doctor - having been tracked down by a group of aliens known as the Family of blood - proceeds to use a chameleon arc to hide himself out of mercy for the short-lived hunters. However, when the family of blood steal the bodies of a student, a servant, a child and a teacher and then proceed to murder half the population of the nearby village the Doctor regains his Timelord self and displays his arrogant judgmental nature and traps each member of the family in an eternal state of torment so that they could never die - just as they wanted.

Tired and looking for a break the Doctor takes Martha back home and - intends to spend the time running maintenance on the TARIDS in an old house but is captured and sent flying through time by the Lonely Angels in the process. Without the TARDIS the Doctor proceeds to build the temporal technology he'll need to get in touch with someone who can send his TARDIS back to him while Martha has to get a job. When they finally make contact with a woman named Sally Sparrow the two recover the TARDIS and - after the drain she's had - they proceed to fly off to Cardiff to refuel.

Finding the Cardiff rift unusually 'active' with energy the Doctor proceeds to fill the TARDIS up in a matter of minutes... just as old companion Jack Harkness comes running towards the old police box. The Doctor, his genes programed by the Time Lords to 'avoid' such temporal accidents as Jack, proceeds to try and leave him there. Unfortunately Jack grabs onto the TARDIS which was created to avoid the same temporal accidents and flies in and out and over time to try and shake the man loose. When Jack finally lets go the TARDIS crash-lands on Malcassairo and Martha attempts to revive Jack.

A few minutes later Jack displays his 'unique' state as an immortal and revives himself (much to the Doctors discomfort as he can sense the vortex flex around Jack) and they proceed to flee as they're tracked down by the Future Kind - ending up trapped in the launching silo where a man known as Professor Yana is attempting to build a rocket to launch the last remnants of the humanity to a place called Utopia. As Yana and the Doctor try to work together to save the rocket they become friends and Yana begins to complain of a drumming sound that has bothered him since birth.

When Martha is left alone with Yana she notices him playing with a worn and scratched old watch - when she asks him where he got it he says he had it when he was born. As she looks at it she realizes that it looks exactly like the watch the Doctor stored his Time Lord self in when he used the chameleon arc. Running to warn the Doctor she doesn't realize that (with her having brought Yana's attention to the watch) the mental shielding to keep him from questioning its existence has been broken. Unable to resist Yana opens the watch and re-absorbs his true Time Lord self.

Proceeding to murder his companion Chan-Tho and lock the Doctor in the lab Yana is shot by his dying friend and proceeds to regenerate. When the Doctor comes running in - Yana having let the Future Kind into the base - he finds Yana has locked himself inside the TARDIS and speaks to him in a new voice, asking the Doctor to name him - forcing his ultimate foe to call him by his chosen title of the Master. Now fully regenerated the Master proceeds to strand the Doctor, Jack and Martha on Malcassairo but only after the Doctor jams the TARDISes temporal coordinates between the year five trillion and modern-day Earth.

Setting up the very signal that will lead his previous self to Utopia the Master harnesses the power of Earth's descendants - giving them the name of Toclafane - and begins to pave the way for the return of the Time Lords. When the Doctor confronts him onboard the Valiant the Master strips the Doctor of his tools and powers and proceeds to humiliate him by revealing his foes true appearance by aging him 900 years. Martha, Jack and the Doctor - knowing they could never beat the Master alone - set up a trap for the Master.

With Jack and the Doctor playing distraction for the Master young Martha Jones is left to travel the Earth and spread the story of the Doctor - to build peoples hopes AGAINST the Master so that the Doctor can seize control of the psychic network and break the Masters hold on humanity. When the Master tries to flee he is shot by his wife and stops one of his hearts to keep himself from regenerating. Dying in his enemies arms the Master is cremated by the Doctor who attempts to cheer Martha up with a trip to meet Agatha Christie. Martha, however, has had her fill of playing second-best in the Doctor's affections and realizes she'll never move on with her life - never become a doctor - if she doesn't stop following the Doctor around.

Meeting Five and the TitanicEdit

Somewhat depressed by Martha's leaving - and blaming himself for making the same mistake he made with Rose and Grace only in reverse - the Doctor ignorantly flies the TARDIS through the vortex... without shields. When his ship crashes with his past self - the Fifth Doctor namely - the two Doctors struggle to fix the problem only to have the Tenth Doctor remember the encounter and save them at the last minute. Parting on good terms the Doctor once again forgets to put his shields up just in time for a space-cruiser to crash through the TARDIS wall.

Deciding to join the party on board, the Doctor quickly made a new friend, Astrid Peth, on board the appropriately named Titanic. When the ship's owner, Max Capricorn, had Titanic purposely crashed into a meteor shower, the Doctor attempted to save the passengers, but could only save Astrid by transforming her into a being of light. As he goes to leave the ship he picks up an alien signal and decides to investigate the strangely named Adipose industries. Upon investigating he discovered the workers there attempting to create baby Adipose from the fat of human beings. During the incident the Doctor was reunited with Donna Noble, who finally accepted his invitation to travel in the TARDIS.

Donna Noble on the TARDISEdit

The Doctor, deciding to be honest this time, explains to Donna the mistakes he'd made in the past and asks her to just be his friend. Knowing how old he is, how little he has to offer someone in the way of stability and how dangerous his life is the Doctor is careful to maintain his platonic relationship with his new companion. During their travels the Doctor ended up arriving in Pompeii at the same time as his Seventh self and Jack Harkness though, as they were in different districts, he had no problem avoiding them... though he did have a problem with STARTING the eruption of Vesuvius itself.

Taking Donna to the future on another Randomized trip (though the Ood insisted otherwise) the Doctor once again encountered the Ood - this time managing to free them and their people... who warned that the Doctor's days were numbered. As the Doctor and Donna were leaving the phone in the TARDIS rang and the Doctor was called to Earth by one Martha Jones. Upon arriving and discovering an invasion force of Sontarans the Doctor offers them a chance to leave before they're cruiser is destroyed by a local genius who gives up his life to stop them.

As the Doctor and Donna are leaving Martha comes into the TARDIS to give the Doctor one last hug before the TARDIS is yanked through time - depositing the Doctor, Donna and Martha on the planet Messaline in the far distant future, where his DNA was stolen and replicated to produce Jenny, his biological daughter. Initially critical of the girl due to her strong predilection for violence and the fact that she is not a 'true' Time Lord as the DNA replicating process wouldn't have been capable of replicating the regenerative process or an understanding of what the Time Lords even are. The Doctor came to love his daughter, and mourned her death at the hands of General Cobb. He overcame his desire for revenge, however, in order to help found a new society on the planet.

Wanting a vacation the Doctor takes Donna to the biggest library in the Galaxy and is introduced to another important woman in his life: Professor River Song, who claimed to know the Doctor from a distant point in his future. She displayed knowledge of the Doctor's real name (something only Reinette and Romona claimed to know) as she revealed prior to sacrificing herself to save the Data Ghosts trapped in the Library's core. The Doctor, inspired by her faith in him, was able to save River Song and her companions by preserving their ghost in the core's virtual reality where they could live out their lives in peace.

Attempting once again to have a vacation the Doctor took Donna to the planet Midnight - Donna, having realized by now that the Doctor 'attracted' trouble, decided to stay at the nice safe Prime base while the Doctor went on a ride to the surface. The bus was subsequently attacked by an unknown creature which possessed one of the passengers, Sky Silvestry and eventually the Doctor, with the aim of inciting mass hysteria among the other passengers. Before the creature could trick the passengers into throwing out the Doctor, Sky was dragged out into the X-Tonic sun by the bus' hostess, who realized that Sky was stealing the Doctor's voice, and the creature departed, its plans defeated.

Next, the Doctor visited the Chinese-influenced planet of Shan Shen once again attempting to find a break, while he took another guided tour Donna went to get her fortune told - only to have a member of the Trickster's Brigade create an alternate universe around her. In this alternate universe the Doctor died and Earth has nearly been destroyed despite the best efforts of Sarah Jane and Jack Harkness. When some of her friends are bussed off to a concentration camp she met Rose Tyler, who told her two words to tell the Doctor. After Donna corrects the universe, defeating the Tricksters brigade in the process, she is able to tell the Doctor the two words: Bad Wolf. Donna asks what it means and the Doctor is terrified and flies back to modern-day Earth telling Donna it can only mean the end of the world.

The Stolen EarthEdit

Upon arriving the TARDIS manages to land but as the Doctor tries to figure out how Rose could have given Donna that message Earth is stolen - moon, satellites, orbital space-junk and all. Leaving the Doctor and Donna in the same place but with no planet. Finding no clue as to where the Earth was, the Doctor took Donna to the Shadow Proclamation and learned that 27 planets including Earth had been stolen. With a bit of help from Harriet Jones, Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, Martha Jones, Mr Smith and Rose Tyler (The Children of Time) as well as Donna's mother and grandfather he was able to crash the TARDIS into their timeline and managed to lock on to the location of the Earth.

Upon reaching Earth the Doctor is contacted by his ancient enemy; Davros (who had been saved by Dalek Caan from the Last Great Time War) who had built a new race of Daleks out of his own flesh. Fleeing to Earth the Doctor tries to lock onto his friends but, while talking to Donna, he realizes that Rose is behind him. Turning around he begins to run towards her but when a Dalek emerged from the shadows and fired at him the Doctor collapsed. It was only a glancing blow but was enough to mortally wound him. He had to be taken back into the TARDIS where he began to regenerate. Using his nearby severed hand, he used the regeneration to heal himself, but kept the regenerative process from 'feeding' on his current form and forcing him into a new body. As a result of this, a new Doctor was born from his severed hand and Donna who was accidentally made part-Time Lord, becoming the DoctorDonna.

The DoctorDonna disabled the planet powered Reality Bomb to stop Davros from destroying the entire universe and then the Daleks and the two Doctor's sent the planets back to their original time and space. However, The Doctor was horrified by the actions of the Meta-Crisis Doctor, who wiped out the last remaining members of the Dalek race. The Children of Time used the TARDIS to tow Earth back to it's original point in time and space. The Doctor said his goodbyes to Sarah Jane, Martha, Jack and Mickey before he left the new Doctor in Pete's World, hoping that Rose and the new Doctor would be able to help each other as Rose still loved the Doctor but it wasn't safe for him to reciprocate. Upon returning to our universe, he was forced to remove Donna's Time Lord abilities, as they would eventually kill her. He returned Donna to her mother and grandfather, and told them that they would have to make sure she never remembered the Doctor as his 'removal' of her memories was only a stop-gap measure and - if the Time Lord genes were triggered again - she would die.

Last AdventuresEdit

When the Doctor was about to leave for parts unknown his TARDIS was thrown out of time. Es'Cartress of the Tactire, an inhabitant of Callufrax Minor, had been stuck on the Crucible and was unable to return home before the Doctors returned the planets. As such, he had to escape to the TARDIS. He then attempted to take over the Doctor's mind, but his link with the TARDIS forced them both into the Matrix. The TARDIS, desperate to save the Doctor, took the form of Martha Jones and slowly guided him through his memories. Together the old ship and her pilot were shown to have the stronger minds and Es'Cartress died.

Deciding to take that break he kept looking for the Doctor landed on - what he perceived - a perfectly safe place; Earth in the year 1851, Christmas Eve. However, The Doctor met a man calling himself 'the Doctor' and at first assumed him to be his future incarnation. In reality, he was a Human man, Jackson Lake, who had the contents of an Infostamp about the Doctor imprinted on his brain. Jackson and his companion Rosita Farisi aided the Doctor in stopping the plot of the Cybermen and their ally, Mercy Hartigan. London was saved, Lake was reunited with his son, fell in love with Rosita and invited the Doctor to share Christmas dinner with his new family - an offer which was at first denied, then accepted by the Doctor.

Deciding to try ANOTHER - assumingly - quiet period of Earth History in which to rest the Doctor flew the TARDIS to the year 2009, in the middle of Easter, but upon landing picked up strange readings from a cross-town bus. While he investigated, the bus was hurtled through a portal and reappeared on San Helios. On the bus he met yet another one-off companion, Christina de Souza, and embarked on a mission with her (and UNIT on the end of a phone) to return the bus and its occupants to Earth and stop the Swarm from invading. At the end of this adventure, just before leaving in the TARDIS, the Doctor rejected Christina's offer of companionship, stating that he has lost anyone who travels with him and he'd swore never again. Carmen, a low level psychic who aided during the adventure told the Doctor that his song was ending and that 'he would knock for times' before leaving.

When Christina (who was a jewel thief) was arrested, the Doctor used the sonic screwdriver to aid her escape in the bus. Finally, when the Doctor was about to be arrested for helping Christina, he entered the "police box" to "arrest himself" and left. As the Doctor was headed away from Earth he picked up a divergence in the Time Vortex and ended up crashing Sarah Jane Smith's wedding. Just as he got there, she and her future husband Peter Dalton were taken by the Trickster. He was teleported to a nether realm along with Rani, Luke and Clyde, whom he had heard all about from Sarah Jane.

As he fought the Trickster, who hinted about his next regeneration "The gate is waiting". The TARDIS gave Clyde the power to control Artron energy by mistake, so he could distract the Trickster, while the Doctor informed Sarah Jane what needed to be done. Peter, Sarah Jane's fiance, sacrificed himself to destroy the Trickster, leaving Sarah Jane alone and heartbroken. When the world was put back to normal, the Doctor visited 13 Bannerman Road and let Sarah Jane and her friends look inside TARDIS, after which he said farewell while sincerely asking Sarah Jane to never forget him.

When the Doctor finally managed to find the last vestige of Time Lord power hidden within the gate to E-Space he thought his life would change. He thought the Time Lords would regain their former power and restore peace. However they were a people divided... and the power required to restore Gallifrey simply didn't exist within them anymore. With Time Lord recruitment down to an all-time low and Gallifrey still little more than a dust-field the Doctor began to see himself - more and more - as the only 'true' Time lord. Many of the Time Lords had given up on the survivors and fled the restoration effort - yet most of them were little more than interferes; causing chaos and havoc wherever they intervened.

Sometimes it seemed like he had been left to carry the victorious name of the Time Lords forward - to do what he could to hold up the laws of time... because nothing that remains of his people could even attempt it. Not even the restored President Romona - who was having trouble even hanging onto the presidency. What's more... he has begun to realize... that his days are numbered.

Nowhere more was this more proven than his accidental visit to Mars in the year 2050. There he met a childhood hero - Adelaide Brooke. It was Brooke and her fellow astronauts (among others) that inspired him into taking his leave of his home planet so many years ago. The fact that he could never visit Mars - never touch that moment in time - was one of many things that made him so rebellious during his childhood. To find himself standing in Buoy Base One was a moment of joy... shock... and then aghast horror. Without the Time Lords to keep the 'lock' around this point in Mars he had stumbled into a point in time he should never have visited - meeting his childhood hero and the people who 'traveled with her' that would one day inspire his first self to travel as well.

As he spent more time among Adelaide and her companions - telling Adelaide of her grand-daughter and the future of the human race - he came to discover a viral form of life living under the ice caps of mars. A form of life that had led to the Ice Wars freezing their own planet to contain it. When more and more of Adelaide's friends and companions began to fall to this virus the Doctor took his leave of the base - aiming to leave. But Captain Brooke kept the comlink open... and the Doctor could hear them dying. When the base was blown open after the escape-rocket exploded the Doctor - in a fit of rage against the laws his people had so stubbornly enforced - broke his own rules and used his TARDIS to evacuate the base. Declaring to Adelaide and her friends that HE was the ruler of time, that all it's laws would obey him and that there was no one to stop him from shaping time to fit his own rules.

Adelaide (arguing that her family and the future of the human race depended on her death) told the Doctor that he was wrong and, shortly afterwords, took her own life. Realizing what he'd done - how he'd almost followed his own race down a path he'd abandoned - the Doctor tried to flee. Receiving a telepathic summons from the Ood... which he answered... about four years later. Upon arriving on the Ood home-world the Doctor discovered that his arch-enemy, the Master, had been brought back to life... and that something was returning. Attempting to use his TARDIS to arrive before the Master was reborn the Doctor crash-landed on Earth... the day after the Master returned.

The End of TimeEdit

Chasing his foe across the wastelands of London the Doctor lost the Master's scent when his old friend was taken captive by Obadiah Stane to be used in an experiment with (what he called) the immortality gate. Seeking out his former-companion Donna's grandfather Wilf the Doctor used Wilf's knowledge of London and Cardiff to track Obadiah and the Master down... just in time for the Master to activate the gate and imprint his genetic template onto the Human race. Narrowly escaping the Master's control the Doctor and Wilf watched helplessly as the Master uses a 'gift' from Rassilon to summon the Time Lords - the whole world of Gallifrey - back into existence. Ripping it free of the Time Lock... along with everything else inside.

In an epic battle the Doctor managed to get to the mansion but - after seriously injuring himself - was unable to stop Rassilon from completing the link. Unfortunately for the Master, Rassilon had nothing more than oblivion and death on his mind... which the Doctor managed to stop by destroying the machine creating the link. When the Doctor was about to be killed the Master - in a fit of rage - unleashed the power coursing through his body upon Rassilon himself. Near death the Master chose to take Rassilon with him... reasoning that the Doctor was - at the moment - a smaller problem. Believing himself to have escaped unscathed the Doctor miserably and rebelliously ranted against the choice of saving his new-found friend Wilf and dying... or letting Wilf himself die.

In the end, the Doctor realized that he has gone too far... lived too long in misery and arrogance... and gave his life for Wilf. Absorbing the energy that would have killed Wilf the Doctor took his friend home - promising to visit him one more time before he died. Knowing that the radiation now killing the cells in his body will... take time, the Doctor proceeded to visit each of his former companions on 'significant' days in their own timelines. Saving Mickey and Martha Smith from what would have been their death he went on to unite Jack Harkness and Alonso Frame before finally stepping in to save Sarah Jane's son from what would have been a near-fatal car accident. Realizing that the last of his body's energy was fading away the Doctor took one last glimpse at the life he had - visiting Rose before he met her... and stumbling to the TARDIS one last time.

Eleventh DoctorEdit

The Story of Amelia PondEdit

Defiant to the end the Doctor managed to clear earth's atmosphere - declaring that he didn't want to go... before being consumed by the regenerative energy he'd kept back. The energy in question - magnified many times by the radiation he'd absorbed - proceeded to nearly destroy the TARDIS. Destroying most of her outer frame and leveling the primary console room, the radiation dissipated in the upper atmosphere of the Earth except for what the TARDISes mass-drive engines absorbed when she tried to dematerialize only to crash in the garden of one Amelia Pond. The Doctor, more or less none the worse for wear, was unwillingly thrown clear of the console room and - after falling and spinning through the TARDISes infinite corridors - came to a stop in the Library which had become a Swimming pool in his absence after all of the water had been thrown out of the swimming room.

Incomplete as he was the Doctor came to realize that all was not well in Ms. Ponds house but - as his body was so unstable - could not figure out what it was that bothered him. Requiring a source of protein and vitamins to help his brain finish forming the Doctor proceeded to order Amy to cook him various foods - forgetting he had ordered something and then ordering her to cook something else. When his mind managed to realize what it was he needed the Doctor proceeded to find a box of fish and a carton of custard. When Amy showed him the 'source' of the bad feeling he discovered that an escaped convict from another dimension had crashed through the wall and settled in Amy's house.

Despite the Doctor's efforts to track it the radiation in the TARDISes engines began to overload - forcing her out of sync with the rest of the universe and nearly collapsing in on themselves before the Doctor managed to force the TARDIS to dematerialize - leaving Amy behind but promising to come back for her in five minutes... ... ...

Twelve years later...

Arriving in another 'fashionably late' the Doctor proceeded to reintroduce himself to Amy's house and then her cricket bat when she slammed him over the head with it believing him to be an intruder. When 'Patient Zero' revealed itself the Doctor managed to convince Amy to come with him - though she would not help him until he begged her to trust him, to remember that little girl, for the last twenty minutes of her death. After destroying his Sonic Screwdriver in an attempt to alert the aliens probing the small town for Patient Zero the Doctor began to weave a trap. Setting up a virus that would fire at a precise time the Doctor then trapped Patient Zero at a hospital in the body of a pregnant woman who constantly walked around with two girls at her side.

When the virus fired every screen, clock and computer across the world fired off the number zero. Realizing it had been tricked Patient Zero attempted to take a new form - Amy's. Failing to realize that the Doctor had also established a psychic link with Amy. Forcing the creature into its true form and watching as it was dematerialized and deposited onboard the alien ship. When the aliens in question attempted to leave the Doctor issued article seven of the shadow proclamation and forced them to return to Earth. Donning a clean and completely alien outfit the Doctor proceeded to demand of the aliens what right they had to endanger the Earth as they had. Reminding them that this world was defended and that he had died - various times - defending it. Terrified by his knowledge of the Shadow Proclamation and the information they gleamed concerning the Doctor's past selves the aliens fled... leaving the Doctor triumphant, as always.

Leaving the hospital - forgetting Amy for a moment - he proceeded to find his newly regenerated TARDIS... sexy as ever and ready to see the galaxy with it's beloved Doctor. Proceeding to put the old girl through her paces the Doctor forgot about Amy for - what he called - five minutes. Returning some two years later and apollogizing, telling her that fourteen years was too long... and asking her to come with him. Explaining that he was lonely... not mentioning the 'crack' that had followed Amy - forming in the screen of one of the TARDISes computer consoles. Grinning when Amy accepted the Doctor threw off the parking break... ...

And off they went.


At first glance, the Eleventh Doctor is highly energetic and very lively, much like his predecessors. He is extremely brash and unafraid to show his eccentricities, appearing to act far more alien then his tenth incarnation and at times rivaling his sixth and ninth incarnations as well. He is also easily agitated when people or objects do not do as he wishes them to, and will resort to physical confrontation and somewhat reckless behavior to achieve his goals. He has, like a number of his other incarnations, fantastic leadership qualities.

Much like his ninth and tenth incarnations, he is extremely resourceful and quick thinking, able to spin things to his point of view, and can find positive outlooks in negative situations. Much like the Second Doctor, this Doctor shows a childlike recklessness but - like his seventh self - always has a grander scheme behind his actions. Also similar to his second and sixth incarnations, the Eleventh has a knack for acting smug, occasionally boasting about his feats, knowledge, and reputation.

This Doctor also has a more serious side to his character. He shows little tolerance for dire mistakes and being belittled by others; he does not give second chances and, if angered enough, often even withholds a 'first' chance. He often takes his frustrations out on others by exploding with anger and coldness. He even threatened to leave Amy back at her home after one mistake. He, like his sixth self, is also more prone to violent actions and sometimes uses them as his first option to achieve his goals: he repeatedly attacked a Dalek with a spanner in order to provoke it into showing its true nature and immediately struck Dr. Bracewell in order to incapacitate his detonation.

The Eleventh Doctor shares many (but much milder) traits of the Sixth Doctor such as his solemn nature, a very blusterous peevish attitude when not being taken seriously and his annoying habit of belittling humans and 'lesser' races. Also reminiscent of his sixth and first incarnations, this Doctor seems to be less interested in his companions, even ignoring them when busy with his work. Unlike his previous incarnation, this Doctor seems slightly annoyed with River Song instead of enjoying her company. He is also mildly callous like his first, sixth, seventh and ninth incarnations, he doesn't believe in using white lies nor does he dabble around with the truth as his tenth incarnation did.

Much like his fourth, sixth, and ninth incarnation, this Doctor is much more outwardly alien and isn't as in touch with humanity as his fifth, eighth and previous incarnation were. The Eleventh believes that a human's ability to feel pain and suffering defines their humanity and is also aware of the flaws humans have and reminds them of those flaws, a trait his ninth and sixth incarnations had. He seems to suggest that he sees humans as beneath him - though this often seems to be a way to cover up the envy he holds for them, as they are capable of living the lives he cannot. Going so far as to play 'match maker' when Amy and Rory's relationship was in jeopardy.

This Doctor isn't keen on hiding his emotions, usually making his anger obvious through violent actions and tone of speech. However, unlike his previous incarnation, he seemed unable to respond well in a romantic situation or really ANY situation that he himself had not set up - as long as he is in control or 'focusing' on the big picture he is at the height of his game. Unfortunately, should something 'happen' that he didn't predict, he tends to become erratic and loses sight of the grander scheme of things trying to discover the solution that evaded him.


This incarnation has hazel eyes, dark messy black hair... and a wristwatch. The watch in question is of the style you might find in a geriatric ward. This incarnation of the Doctor seems to hold little interest in physical appearances or even modern style as he openly and confidently shows his status as an alien and is quite quick to 'accessorize' with this in mind.

This Doctor keeps his appearance in a constant state of alien uniqueness. Openly ignoring modern, pre-modern or even POST modern fashion the Doctor prefers bow ties above all else. He keeps his hair in a constant messy manic Mose-less state - with his tweed jacket and braces the top-half of the Doctor appears to be that of a university teacher while his black boots and navy trousers make him look like a gardener... but those eyes... oh.

His eyes show all the hurt and the loss and the pain and the loneliness and the wonder and the joy and the arrogance and the anger and the brilliance and the beautiful alien majesty of his soul... All at once.